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3rd-Aug-2009 09:11 am - Profile Update
worldstosee: (Default)
I've updated the profile page with the following paragraph:

"Remember, this is not a place for fandom related activities such as fan creations (fiction, art, vids, etc.), or meta (in depth discussion on show related topics), nor is it a place to debate favorite/hated shows, characters, or pairings - in the end your favorite is going to be someone else's most hated and your most hated is going to be someone else's favorite - there's no point in into debates over them - at least not here."

My goal is to keep this community as open as possible and free of debate over tv shows that I often see deeper in fandom. Basically I'd like this to be a place for those of us who enjoy talking about our favorites but don't enjoy getting deeply into fandom and meta.

ETA: I just added several shows to the interest on the profile - the shows added are those that are a) still on the air; b) have more than one season to them (so no new shows); and c) air on the major networks plus a couple others. There are other shows I could have added but I figure this would get us started for people who might want to join in.
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